Macromolecular architecture and biological reactions

Persons in charge

Claudine Mayer – Jean-Marie Dupret


To understand the three-dimensional aspects of biology, become familiar with the basics of structural biology techniques.
To understand the kinetic bases of enzymatic catalysis and biochemical reactions.
To understand enzymatic reactions with two substrates.
To understand enzyme regulation and its metabolic and pathological implications.

Lectures 28h

Introduction biochemistry of macromolecules

Macromolecule structures (DNA, proteins) Revisions

Metabolic regulations and enzymopathies

Biophysical methods

Structural biology techniques

Rapid pre-stationary reactions

Enzymatic reactions and thermodynamics

Single molecule approaches

Two-substrate reactions

Tutorials works 20h

Biophysics of macromolecules
Structural Biology I
Structural Biology II
Enzymes with two substrates

DNA/protein structure and interaction
Structural Bioinformatics
Rapid reactions and thermodynamics
Allosteric regulation and metabolism

Targeted skills

  •  Contributing to the design and implementation of fundamental or applied research projects in structural biology and/or enzymology
  • Obtain and analyze scientific data with numerical reference tools
  • Understanding a rigorous scientific and experimental approach
  • Ability to communicate scientific information and results in writing and orally.
  • Mastery of scientific English
  • Ability to speak and debate