In Master 2 Molecular and Cellular Biology, MIE track, students attend a common module “One Health, an interdisciplinary approach” and then have the choice between two majors: biology of emerging pathogens or epidemiology and biostatistics. They complete their course either by the other major or by one of the three proposed minors (Human-Animal-Environment Interface, Evolutionary Dynamics or Human and Social Sciences) and by complementary modules of their choice (“From the Field”, innovation, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, ecology, circulation of infectious agents and risk control, antibiotic resistance, infection modelling, surveillance or global health…)

Customized M2 internships that strongly encourage multidisciplinarity (two internships, interface project, internship and tutored project, etc.) will be based on the diversity of the laboratories of excellence affiliated with the EUR, offering a unique environment for combining basic and translational research in virology, microbiology, epidemiology and modeling, and social sciences
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