Computational Biology

Person in charge

Anne Vanet


To address the discovery of mass data processing.

Lectures 10h

  • Discovery of the Unix/Linux operating system
  • Algorithmic base
  • Discovery of some mathematical tools needed for mass data mining
  • Basics of programming

Tutorial works 22h

  • Analysis of data generated at high speed and free to use in international databases.
  • The Unix-like operating system and python/perl/R languages will be used for computer analysis, but novices will be accompanied to be initiated.

Targeted skills

  • To acquire theoretical and practical skills and knowledge in bioinformatics
  • Determining a bioinformatics strategy to solve a biological problem
  • Ability to interpret the results of a bioinformatics analysis
  • Ability to use Biological Information Systems
  • To master the theoretical and methodological concepts of bioinformatics for the analysis and comparison of biological sequences.
  • To mobilize fundamental concepts of genetics, molecular biology, etc. to deal with a big data issue.
  • To mobilize the concepts and tools of mathematics and computer science in the context of life sciences issues.
  • To identify, select and apply a combination of analytical tools adapted to the analysis of genomic data
    Interpreting experimental data