Cell Biology and Development (BDC)


Alexandre Benmerah – Antoine Guichet


By choosing the Cellular Biology and Development pathway, you will be oriented towards a multidisciplinary vision of cell biology, which occupies a central place between purely molecular approaches and integrative biology approaches. Cellular biology provides training in the study of fundamental cellular mechanisms during development and the differentiation of specialized tissues, and thus enables the characterization of physiopathological processes.
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The main objective of this course is to provide high-level training in cell biology for students wishing to do a PhD thesis in the fields of fundamental biology and/or applied biology for the understanding of physio-pathological mechanisms and, above all, for those whose professional project is to become a researcher or teacher-researcher.

For students in health programs (medicine, pharmacy, ondotology, etc.), this training in and through research will enable them to carry out biomedical research and to prepare for a career in a university hospital.

For whom ?

Bac +4
Holders of the M1 of the Master BMC of the University of Paris.
Holders of a M1 Master of Science in Biology, Physiology or Biochemistry in a University offering a teaching with comparable content and level.
Students of the INSERM School.
Students in Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology, Maieutics, Veterinary Medicine, having validated UE/UMR (18 ECTS) giving the equivalence of a M1.
Students from the Grandes Ecoles and Engineering Schools with a M1.

And after ?

Insertion rate

Among the scientific students, more than 90% have a doctoral contract or a fixed-term contract to complete their doctoral project. Less than 10% have another research activity (Engineer) or are following another training (ARC). Health students (medicine, pharmacy) resume their studies and do a doctorate after their internship. 

Socio-professional categories

  • Executives: 50%*.
  • Intermediate profession: 50%*.
    * Internal survey of 151 graduates (over the period 2003-2016).

Annual starting salary :

1700-2000€ brut per month

  • CDI : less than 10%
  • CDD : 40-50%
  • Doctoral contract : 40-50%


13 students
Initial or continuing education


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Targeted skills


  • Mastery of mechanisms related to the organization and functioning of cells and their role during development and in tissue homeostasis
  • Adaptation of courses to the professional project with orientation towards fundamental or physio-pathological approaches


  • Project management
  • Work in autonomy and in a team
  • Mastery of scientific English in the field
  • Mastery of computer languages used in the field


  • Design and execution of scientific research projects with associated timelines and budgets
  • Development of hypothesis systems and associated experimental designs
  • Production, research and processing of oral or written communication documents of work, its interpretation and teaching