BioTherapeutics: Design and Applications (BTCA)

Persons in charge

Ignacio Garcia-Verdugo – Jean-Michel Sallenave


This professionalization program includes theoretical and practical courses intended for students interested in the various professions related to the development of new therapeutic agents. 

The aim, through the different modules, is to describe each of these professions with their specificities by analyzing the different steps, from the research laboratory to the marketing. These stages require various skills and in-depth knowledge of biology as well as a mastery of legislative texts and accreditation procedures at both national and European levels.


  • Understanding of clinical research and clinical trials.
  • Understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms of diseases and the design of therapeutic targets for these diseases
  • Contact with the actors of the professional environment
  • Knowledge and understanding of the transition between the development of a therapeutic product and its marketing (valorization)
  • Ability to disseminate information and scientific results in writing and orally

For whom ?

Bac +4
Holders of : M1 BC2T, M1 in Life Sciences or equivalent degree in the disciplines covered by the course or professional experience in the field of health sciences


10 students
Initial training

And after ?

Success rate: 100%.

Field and/or sector of activity: Public or private research, Biotechnology, Biological and medical engineering, Diagnostic equipment and products, Instrumentation, Pharmaceutical industry, Cosmetics, Food industry, Service (CRO), Communication in the health field.

Insertion rate: 90%.


Good to very good level in Immunology
Clearly identified professional project in line with the field
Prior internships in a laboratory are recommended. Good level in French and English desired.

Targeted skills

  • Mastery of written and oral expression techniques
  • Ability to argue and debate.
  • Ability to work in English
  • Ability to search for internships in companies
  • Sense of organization, rigor, method
  • Ability to work in a team and independently