Virulence factors and host immune response: experimental approach

Persons in charge

Anne Couedel-Courteille – Ignacio Garcia-Verdugo


To explore bacterial/immune cell interactions in terms of virulence factors and host response, through a cross-disciplinary approach rich in techniques used in the fields of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, enzymology, bacteriology and immunology.

Experimental approaches 24h

To study the impact of bacterial virulence factors important for pathogenicity in the recognition of the bacterium by the host immune system and its response

  • Techniques in biochemistry (western blot),
  • Techniques in cell biology (cell culture, fluorescence microscopy),
  • Techniques in molecular biology (RT-PCR),
  • Enzymology techniques (enzymatic dosage, zymogram),
  • Techniques in bacteriology (growth curves, spreading on boxes),
  • Techniques in immunology (phagocytosis, ELISA) to study bacterial virulence factors important for pathogenicity and recognition of the bacteria by the host immune system.

Targeted skills

  • To discover and know when to use common laboratory techniques used in the exploration of host/pathogen interaction
  • Working independently and in teams
  • To understand and apply a rigorous scientific and experimental approach
  • To master and present scientific results orally with the help of a poster