Immersion in a research unit: from theory to the lab bench

Person in charge

Frédérique Braun


Initiation to the scientific approach, to become familiar with carrying out research work and with the interpretation of the results obtained by being immersed in the Microbial Genetic Expression unit (UMR8261 CNRS-University of Paris).

Tutorial works 10h

Comparison of post-transcriptional control mechanisms of gene expression with the role of RNases, non-coding RNA, translation and/or RNA chaperone in two model organisms: Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis.

Immersion 14h

  • Some experiments with the researchers (measurement of messenger stability by northern).
  • Analysis of the data carried out in the Unit with state-of-the-art techniques (toe-print, ribosome profiling, RNAseq).
  • Analysis of a scientific article.
  • Pooling of analyses and results obtained => interpretation/discussion/oral presentation.
  • Follow-up of 3 mini-seminars (15 min) given by thesis students and post-docs of the unit on the control of gene expression in two other model organisms (yeast and cyanobacteria).
  • Followed by a presentation of the use of NMR to determine the structure of RNAs with a visit of the platform.

Targeted skills

  • To Understand and apply a rigorous scientific and experimental approach.
  • To interpret results in the context of research work