Immunology and ImmunoPathologies (I2P)

Persons in charge

Mireille Viguier (Filière scientifique) – Eric Tartour (Filière Santé) 


By choosing the Immunology and Immunopathologies track, you will specialize in the study of the immune response in normal and pathological situations such as infections, cancer and autoimmune or inflammatory diseases.


The Immunology and ImmunoPathologies course of the BMC master’s degree is a training through and to research integrating the acquisition of the most advanced fundamental, clinical, applied and technological knowledge in the field. It aims at designing and conducting an experimental research project (masterials) and a critical analysis of concepts and observations (dialogues in immunology and seminars). These skills are practiced in a professional environment during the 6-month internship in an experimental research laboratory.

  • To master the functioning of the immune system during the development of the individual or during pathological situations. Know the recent advances in immunotherapy.
  • To know and implement the classic and most advanced technologies in the field of immunology.
  • To deepen the knowledge and skills adapted to the research project through complementary training, including experimental workshops and the most specialized theoretical training.
  • To contribute to the realization of a fundamental research program with a written report and oral presentation with critical analysis.

For whom ?

Bac +4
Holders of : Master M1 BMC or equivalent or research background in health studies immunology, with a solid basic training in immunology.


37 students
Initial or continuing education

And after ?

Success rate: 100% M2 success rate
Targeted training: 67% go on to a doctorate and more than 20% return to medical school before a doctorate of science.

Insertion rate: 100% have a doctoral or fixed-term contract to carry out their doctoral project. Medical students resume their studies and do a doctorate after the internship. Less than 10% have another activity.


Equivalent of 9 ECTS in the immunology course at M1 level.
Good to very good level in immunology.
Clearly identified professional project in line with the training. 
French level C1 or equivalent. Good mastery of scientific English required.
Laboratory internships are a bonus.

Targeted skills


  • To participate in the conception, realization, diffusion and valorization of a research project in immunology
  • To master and use the experimental protocols of the field


  • To master the techniques of written and oral expression
  • Knowing how to convince and defend a project
  • To know how to synthesize data and knowledge
  • Knowing how to organize, exercise rigor and method
  • Work in teams, in networks and autonomously
  • Working in English


  • To design and implement a research and development program with associated timelines and budgets
  • To develop systems of hypotheses and associated experimental designs
  • To collect and analyze multiple data sets
  • To produce, research and process oral and written communication documents, interpret and teach them
  • To apply good laboratory practices and ethics in the field