General Immunology

Person in charge

Jean-Michel Sallenave

Key words

Innate Immunity, Adaptive Immunity, Antigen-antibodies, TLR, BCR, TCR, Hypersensitivity, Cell Cooperation


To acquire the essential knowledge in Immunology to be able to understand the molecular, cellular, physiological mechanisms involved in cellular and humoral responses in immunology (response to infection, anti-tumor response, inflammation, etc.). One aspect more particularly treated will be that of host-pathogen interactions and their importance in physiopathological situations drawn from the clinic.

Lectures 16h

Introduction to Immunology
The concept and actors of Innate Immunity
The adaptive response: humoral and adaptive immunity
The complement system: at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity
The Anti-Infectious Immune Response
Hyper-sensitivity and inflammatory response

Tutorial works 8h

Analysis and presentation of scientific articles
Work in small groups

Targeted skills

Disciplinary skills

To know and understand the theory of fundamental immune mechanisms (innate immunity, adaptive immunity, immune memory, etc.).

Personal skills

Mastery of written and oral expression techniques