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We are recruiting a master student to carry out her/his M2 internship in the “B cell Immunity to Infection” research group led by Mauro Gaya and based at CIML. The group is international and includes 1 Researcher, 3 postdoctoral
fellows, 2 PhD students and 1 research engineer. The laboratory is devoted to shed light on the early events of
B cell activation and B cell memory development upon viral and bacterial infection.

The project offered for this master internship aims at getting insight in the generation, maintenance and re-activation of memory B cells in a murine model of respiratory allergy. The student will characterize antibody responses and visualize the spatial organization of memory B cells, using confocal microscopy, in different organs and at different time points during the allergic challenge. Moreover, the student will have access to several transgenic and fluorescent-reporter mouse lines in order to explore the involvement of different cytokines and enzymes in shaping the immune response. The student will be co-supervised by Sergio Villazala Merino, a postdoctoral fellow. Qualified applicants should be currently in their second year of Masters in Immunology or related field and have some previous bench work experience as well as some degree of English command (both written and spoken). The lab is located at the Luminy campus, in the heart of the Calanques National Park. The candidate will benefit from the top level scientific international environment of the CIML and of state-of-the-art technological platforms.

Relevant publications related to the research project:
– Initiation of antiviral B cell immunity relies on innate signals from spatially positioned NKT cells.
Gaya et al. Cell 2018.
– Inflammation-induced disruption of SCS macrophages impairs B cell responses to secondary
infection. Gaya et al. Science 2015


PhD student Luminy, Marseille