Characterization of autoreactive T cells in the pathogenesis of Type I diabetes

Responsable du Stage : Dr. Zhicheng ZHOU

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Inserm U1016 – CNRS UMR8104 – Université de Paris

Résumé du Projet de Stage 

The autoimmune T cells infiltrating pancreatic islets eventually destroy insulin-secreting beta cells in type 1 diabetes (T1D). However, how T cells initiate T1D remains poorly understood. Our lab, led by Pr. Mallone and Dr. You, affiliated to the Diabetology Department of the Cochin Hospital, recently identified a first set of molecules over-expressed in these rare T-cell subsets of T1D patients. The M2 candidate will work on the identification and deconvolution of these molecules using cutting-edged single-cell RNAseq/TCRseq, systems biology and multiparametric flow cytometry and cell sorting. Specific features of the TCR repertoire will also be investigated through re-expression of relevant TCRs into carrier cells and definition of their antigenic reactivity. These data will help to understand how autoreactive T lymphocytes are involved in different stages of T1D pathogenesis in human, to select potential biomarkers for early stage diagnosis and, eventually, to develop immunotherapies targeting autoreactive T cells.

Profile of candidates (required but not exiged)

–  Immunology: strong motivation for immunology research, in particular adaptive T-cell immunity

– Systems biology: strong motivation for multiomics approaches (proteomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics), gene editing (CRISPR, gene transfer)

–  Bioinformatics: basis of R/Python/SQL

–  Molecular Biology: motivated for cloning, vector design, and associated software expertise

– Cellular Biology: motivated for cell culture (lines and primary cells), generation and stabilization of cell lines, optical and immunofluoresence microscopy

Dernières Publications en lien avec le projet :

1- Quiniou V, Barennes P, Mhanna V, Stys P, Vantomme H, Zhou Z, Martina F, Coatnoan N, Barbié-Sastre M, Pham HP, Clemenceau B, Vié H, Shugay M, Six A, Brandao B, Mallone R, Mariotti-Ferrandiz E, Klatzmann D. Human thymopoiesis produces polyspecific CD8+ α/β T cells responding to multiple viral antigens. Biorxiv

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3- Carré A, Richardson SJ, Larger E, Mallone R. Presumption of guilt for T cells in type 1 diabetes: lead culprits or partners in crime depending on age of onset? Diabetologia 2021;64:15-25.

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Intitulé de l’Unité : Inserm U1016 – CNRS UMR8104 – Université de Paris

Intitulé de l’équipe : Tolérance, biomarqueurs et thérapies dans le diabète de type 1

Nom du Responsable de l’Unité : Dr. Florence Niedergang

Nom du Responsable de l’Équipe : Pr. R. Mallone/Dr. S. You

Adresse : 123, Bd Port Royal, 75014 Paris