Experimental workshops

Person in charge

Stéphanie Petrella


Training in the experimental scientific approach, through the use of various techniques and methodologies, in connection with the complementary theoretical notions of the curriculum.
A workshop to be chosen among the three proposed.  

Molecular Biology

Identification of genomic and transcriptomic targets of a transcription factor in a lymphocyte context

Virulence factors and host immune response

To explore bacterial/immune cell interactions in terms of virulence factors and host response, through a transversal approach rich in techniques used in the fields of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, enzymology, bacteriology and immunology.


Integrative study of a eukaryotic enzymatic system.
Integrated structure-function approach to characterize glycogen phosphorylase b, an allosterically regulated enzyme.

Targeted skills

  • To have a scientific/technical reflection with discussion of the experimental protocol and the tools to be applied.
  • Organize work both independently and in teams
  • To obtain, interpret and restitute experimental results in different forms (written and oral)
  • To develop rigor, critical sense and synthetic analytical skills