Integrative and synthetic biology

Persons in charge

Annick Mejean – Aurore Vidy


  • To appreciate the recent contributions of genomics and multi-scale analysis tools allowing the study of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, eukaryotic microorganisms) interacting with other biological systems, in order to better understand and control the consequences of these interactions.
  • To understand the approaches allowing the efficient manipulation of microorganism genomes in order to build synthetic biological systems with new functions or allowing the bioproduction of molecules of interest.

Lectures 16h

  • Use of targeted and large-scale analytical methods for microbiology or integrative virology studies
  • Multi-scale regulation, integrative physiology and systems biology
  • Synthetic biology and bioproduction strategies in prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms and viruses
  • Presentation of iGem challenges

Tutorial works 8h

Microproject of synthetic and/or integrative microbiology (bacteriology, eukaryotic microbiology or virology)

  • Personal group work: critical analysis of the project, free choice of an original approach to the theme, methodology, bibliography, reflection on perspectives
  • Oral presentation, with support (slide show), of the analysis of the project studied (state of the art, objectives, implementation, conclusion, possible applications of the project)
  • Examples of student group presentations for oral presentations: microbiology presentation and virology presentation.

Targeted skill

  • To acquire the main principles of manipulation of viral, bacterial or other microorganism genomes for :
    • Protein production
    • obtaining new metabolic functions
    • vaccine, therapeutic or oncolytic applications
  • Concepts of multi-scale analysis of systems of infection/proliferation of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, eukaryotic microorganisms)