Stromal regulation of tissue immunity and inflammation

Responsable du Stage : Lucie PEDUTO

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Institut Pasteur- Département d’inmmunologie

Résumé du Projet de Stage 

Stromal cells form the structural component of all our organs. In lymphoid organs, specific subsets of stromal cells organize the recruitment, localization, survival and interaction of immune cells and are therefore essential for the homeostasis of the immune system and for immune responses (Rodda, Immunity 2018). While stromal cells are major players in organ development and homeostasis, they are also strongly involved in development of chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases (Croft, Nature 2019), even though the mechanisms remain unclear.

Our lab investigates the role of the stromal microenvironment in tissue homeostasis and disease pathogenesis, with a focus on inflammatory diseases and cancer (Dulauroy, Nature Medicine 2012; Stzepourginski, PNAS 2017; Di Carlo, JCI 2018; Benabid, Curr Opin Immunol 2020). In this project we aim at identifying novel mechanisms regulating tissue immunity and the inflammatory response by the stromal microenvironment. We will investigate the role of specific subsets of stromal cells in the regulation tissue immunity and inflammation, with a focus on mucosal/adipose tissues, using unique mice models, FACS and transcriptomics analysis. To assess the role of stromal cells in inflammatory diseases, cells will be depleted in vivo in mice models using a diphteria-mediated depletion approach, or using specific floxed mice models, and the impact on the immune response will be assessed by FACS or by measuring cytokines. The molecular mechanism will be investigated using transcriptomics and in vitro assays.

Publications de l’équipe relatives au projet de stage

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