ILC2 lymphoid development in inflammatory conditions


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Group 2 innate lymphoid cells (ILC2s) are tissue resident lymphocytes with effector functions within the mucosa. ILC2s are key actors in type 2 immune responses in the context of allergic inflammation, infection and numerous other diseases related to fibrosis. ILC2s develop in the bone marrow (BM) from common lymphoid progenitor cells, but little is known about how inflammation could enhance ILC2 development and migration toward inflamed tissues. Moreover, the stage of development at which ILC2s leave the bone marrow for peripheral tissue colonization is unclear. We propose a study comparing ILC2 development in steady-state versus TH2 induced inflammatory conditions. Moreover, mice that were maintained under germ free conditions will also be compared for ILC2 development and in order to understand whether regulation of ILC2 production in the bone marrow could be directly or indirectly regulated by the microbiota and their derived-metabolites. IL-33 was identified as a hallmark of peripheral ILC2-activating cytokine, and could promote ILC2s egress from the bone marrow. BM‐derived ILC2s are recruited to fibrotic lung through this IL‐33/ST2 pathway, and contribute to fibroblast activation to promote lung fibrosis. It is therefore important to understand how BM derived ILC2s are polarized in the BM and the molecular mechanisms enhancing their migration to the lung.

Dernières Publications en lien avec le projet :

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