Implication de la voie Notch et des cellules lymphoïdes innées lors d’un hépatocarcinome cellulaire

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Résumé du Projet de Stage

Notch is a signaling pathway involved in the development of solid tumors via the induction of tumoral Notch receptor ligand expression. It also conditions development and functions of lymphoid subsets. Innate lymphoid cells (ILC) are immune partners involved in cancer immune surveillance. Type 1 ILC comprises NK cells and ILC1 that could use the Notch-related program to secrete anti-tumoral molecules. NK cells are known to be crucial to control the tumor progression and their resident liver ILC1 counterpart were not studied in that context. Type 1 ILC are downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and could not fight the tumoral progression. We propose to uncover the mechanisms downregulating the NK/ILC1 response against HCC. We aim to understand how these cells are repressed and whether the notch pathway could modulate their polarization and functions. We already observed that activating these cells had tremendous effect on stopping the early tumor growth. We propose to evaluate whether activation via IL15 stimulations on top of specific anticheckpoints antibodies could enhance their direct antitumoral activities and/or modulate the immune response of their specific T cell partners: CD8 T cells and Treg. Acting on pro-tumoral TGFβ+ Treg is important since TGFβ is a strong HCC contributor and also a suppressive NK/CD8 T cell agent. Notch positively modulates TGFβ, Treg numbers and functions in the tumor microenvironment. Some HCC therapeutic strategies proposed tools inhibiting the Notch pathway highlighting the importance of understanding the Notch biology on the immune environment.

 Dernières Publications en lien avec le projet :

1. Bourayou, E. & Golub, R. Signaling Pathways Tuning Innate Lymphoid Cell Response to Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Front. Immunol. 13, 846923 (2022).
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